Testimonial from Doug and Teresa Frye, Directors of LOCC Mission Orphanage

Thank you for your response to our request from nearly a year ago. The four units that you installed in our orphanage were a huge success. Within 30 days of the installation, we could see a difference in all of our children that were sick. Your chlorinators have saved lives.

However, we need your help again. One of our water towers came down during the earthquake destroying the unit. We salvaged part of it, but we need your help on the reassembly or replacement of that unit. Since the earthquake, we have secured a mission house that we are already using for volunteer teams coming to Haiti for the reconstruction of the country. The house we have secured is also in need of water treatment. We cannot and do not consume this water because testing has shown it unsafe. Anything you can do for this mission will be appreciated.

P.S. The workers who made the installation on the units at the orphanage and their supervisors were extremely efficient and courteous. Just thought you would like to know.

Update: Within a few weeks, we fulfilled their request and repaired the chlorinators damaged by the earthquake.