Dieula Croissy
I noticed the difference. Kids used to get sick before. Not anymore. Water is very good. Food is the problem. The only thing that works in this area is water.

—Dieula Croissy, President of Drouillard (Cité Soleil)

The four units that you installed in our orphanage were a huge success. Within 30 days of the installation, we could see a difference in all of our children that were sick. Your chlorinators have saved lives. (More)

—Doug and Teresa Frye, Directors of LOCC Mission Orphanage

Now, with a chlorinator installed, the 233 students at National Virginia Sampeur School drink clean water. The clean drinking water became a big event in the 2007-2008 academic year.

—Dr. Marie Yolaire L. Remy, Representative of African Methodist-Episcopal Church (AME-SADA)

Dufresne Richard
Thank you International Action. Don't give up on us. Keep up the good work. We really appreciate it.

—Dufresne Richard, Water Board Member at Bel-Air

Faustin Pierre Paul
The chlorinators made a big difference. Before International Action installed chlorinators, kids used to get sick a lot. But now, everybody drinks clean, safe water, and nobody is sick anymore!

—Faustin Pierre Paul, Kenscoff Orphanage

The chlorinator has aided tremendously in sanitation in our surgical rooms. We had a big problem with dirty water from our cistern, but the chlorinator resolved the problem completely. Please make a second installation on the cistern that supplies our cafeteria...

—Jean Angus, Director of Fermathe Hospital

Jean Heleur Richard
The water is good. We really appreciate it. It's helping us a lot. Keep working and don't give up on us.

—Jean Heleur Richard, President of Bois Neuf (Cité Soleil)

Jean Raymond Herard
The water before was clear. But, that didn't mean it was not contaminated. After International Action installed chlorinators on water tanks, no kids are getting sick any more and everybody feels much better. We used to have epidemics of fever, malaria, cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis. I see a very big, big difference... Dalebrun and his team are very dependable. We don't know how to thank you enough. Dalebrun is like a saint to us.

—Jean Raymond Herard, President of Villa Rosa

Jean-Claude Pitit-Frere
Children drink the same water that animals drink and people wash clothes with. Children get sick from drinking such water. When we saw the water system International Action installed at Bethel, we opened our arms for hope. Oh, God, it can save us. We know International Action's work and appreciate it very much. Please come to Cabaret and help us.

—Jean-Claude Pitit-Frere, Director of Water Board of Cabaret

...The albendazole pills distributed by International Action have been taken by all my children, and now they do not have diarrhea anymore. ...Their intervention changed the lives of my children. (More)

—Madeleine Joseph, Mother

I have handed out the pills to many of the children for free and have received a lot of positive feedback both from the kids and their mothers. They noticed that the kids do not gain excess weight, that they do not need to drink water constantly through the night, and that this free treatment has worked better than any of the other expensive alternatives available. (More)

—Myriana Elvariste, Director of Health Center Trou-Sable

My grandson suffered from severe diarrhea. He would get so dehydrated at times, to the point where we spent all our money taking him to the doctors, even when we didn't have the money to eat. With your clean water, he does not get sick any more. (More)

—Paulette Champagne, Grandmother

Pierre Joab
Since International Action installed chlorinators, the rate of diarrhea and sickness of children dropped dramatically. Kids are not getting sick any more. We learned we can prevent such diseases. We'd like to keep it this way.

—Pierre Joab, President of Simmond-Pelé

Rosemilla St. Vil
People drink the water where all the animals bathe and people wash clothes. Children get sick and many die. It's a serious problem. We need your help.

—Rosemilla St. Vil, Coordinator of Women's Organization for Arcahaie

I am a sixteen-year-old living in Cité Soleil. I took the treatment, and it helped me a lot. I can now eat well, where before I had difficulty eating healthily; I am also starting to gain weight. Thank you so much International Action, may God bless you.

—Sonia Augustin, Student

Impressed with the wonderful and important work you are doing. Every person, no matter where they live or their economic situation is entitled to certain basic necessities like clean water. Keep saving lives!

—The Glickenhaus Foundation, NY, Partner