Vitamin Donation Program

The Problem: One in Five Are Chronically Malnourished

Since the horrific effects of the earthquake in 2010, food security has improved but one third of the population are still food insecure. As a result, one in five children are chronically malnourished. For some this begins early on in the womb, when their mother has inadequate nutrition and is poorly equipped to deal with the additional nutritional demands of pregnancy. By addressing malnutrition in both children and pregnant women, we can help strengthen immune systems so they are better equipped to deal with other infectious diseases. In this way, children can spend more time attending school and developing healthy lives.



Our Solution: Vitamin Supplements
International Action partners with other clinics and nongovernmental organisations to provide vitamin supplements, targeting some of the poorest populations in Haiti. To date, we have successfully provided 22,000 Haitian children and 350 pregnant mothers with Vitamin A and multivitamin tablets through community schools and health clinics. We donate:
  • Vitamin A 100,000IU for children 6-11 months

  • Vitamin A 200,000IU for children aged 12-59 months

  • Multivitamins for children under age 5*

  • Prenatal vitamins*

​*We usually require one year of vitamin A donation and evidence good reporting before donating multivitamins and prenatal vitamins.

The Program

Which organisations do we currently work with? We partner with other non-governmental organizations to disburse vitamin supplements to children under five and pregnant women. Learn more about the organizations we work with here..

Is your group interested in working with us? We just have a few requirements: trained medical personnel to distribute the supplements safely, a simple report form when you've finished distributing and pictures/testimonials telling us how it went. Think you fit the bill? We'd like to hear from you! Email

Vitamin A

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Learn more about who needs multivitamins and why..

Donate today to help combat malnutrition in Haiti and help a child live a normal, healthy life.