Water for Drinking and Water for Jobs. Water for Life.

April 22, 2016

In 2016, two new, vital water supply creation projects in the Artibonite region of Haiti will provide families with water to drink and will empower them to earn a good living each year!

1.     We will create three new clean, safe water sources for hundreds of families. These new water sources will become essential parts of each community, improving overall health, saving people hours each day when collecting water, and providing opportunities for a better livelihood.

2.     Our team will help 1,000 poor farming families to gain access to clean water, put more food on the table, and increase their income each month. These farmers have access to water sources and an irrigation system fed by rain water, but there has been drought for two straight years. They do not have clean water and they have lost their livelihoods. We have plans to improve their water sources and irrigation system so they can access underground water.

The people in the communities we are working with in the Artibonite Region of Haiti are truly amazing. What really drew me to them is their focus on people.

For both projects, the people in the communities that will be gaining access to clean water for drinking, cleaning, bathing and for farming are making plans to sustain their new water sources. They know that you and I can help, but it is on them to make it work. When future challenges occur, they have the motivation and the resiliency to address them. They just need our help in the beginning. These are the kind of people that International Action believes in and works with. 

Farming families we will be working with in 2016!

Farming families we will be working with in 2016!