Exxon Mobil GEMS Students raise money for Haitian De-Worming Project

May 26, 2011

The Communities in Schools Dallas Region (CISDR) is a stay-in-school program, founded in 1985. CISDR partnered with the Exxon Mobil program Girls Exploring Math and Science. The two groups will participate in the 2010 TEDxKids event. One of the goals of the event was to have the participating students complete a service learning project. These students chose to support the Haitian De-Worming project because they felt they could make a positive impact in the lives of many Haitians. They rallied together and created a penny drive in order to purchase and ship albendazole tablets to Haiti. Their tagline was simple: one penny is enough to rid one person of debilitating intestinal worms. There campaign was so successful, that they raised $1816.29!

This money was presented to International Action so we could continue our de-worming project in Haiti. These students are an incredible example of what is possible when one is dedicated to helping those less fortunate. More albendazole pills are being requested from community presidents like Louis Etvat. While they had International Action provide albendazole pills, there were almost no cases of worms. Since their supply has been depleted, many children and adults are once again afflicted with intestinal worms. International Action invites you to follow these students’ example and continue to support us as we help create a healthier Haiti. Get involved today!