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  • April 8

    Every year Haiti’s rainy season brings a new wave of challenges to Haiti. Here, rain means days spent inside, rain boots, and avoiding getting splashed by cars while walking down the street; in Haiti, the rainy season is far more than a nuisance, it is devastating. The rainy season brings a fresh wave of cholera and other diseases as well as the constant threat of flooding.          

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  • August 28, 2012

    The Tropical Storm Issac hit Haiti, claiming 19 lives and Haiti is at risk of fresh cholera outbreak.

    Chlorinators and chlorine tablets are readily available in Haiti to any organization operating in cholera-affected areas. Interested parties should contact us immediately.

    The tablet chlorinators provide a steady, pre-set level of chlorination which persists in the water for many days. This provides dependable protection against the disease-causing bacteria common in the buckets, home storage tanks, and local piping in developing countries.

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