In-Kind Donations

We are more than happy to accept in-kind donations. Any donation is welcome. However, if the item you wish to donate falls outside the items listed below, please contact us first to find out if we have a need for it. We do not want to accept any in-kind donation that we would not be able to use; there are many other worthy organizations that might have a need for the item you wish to donate.

International Action’s identified list of donation needs:

PVC Pipes: These pipes are used to install the chlorinators on the water tanks. There are a variety of pipe-sizes that the tanks in Haiti can handle, which means that we need many different PVC pipe sizes.

Ladders: Some of the tanks are two stories tall. Our Haitian staff must climb to the top of the water tanks to install the chlorinator, make routine checks, and reload the chlorine tablet cartridge.

Tablet chlorine: Our chlorinators use tablet chlorine to disinfect water. Granular or liquid chlorine does not work in our chlorinators. Tablet chlorine is the safest and most efficient chlorine there is. We are always in need of more chlorine due to our rapid rate of chlorinator system installations.

Pick-up truck: Most of the roads in Haiti are made of dirt, and pot holes litter the roads that are paved. Due to these conditions, our trucks need repairs about once a month. The more working trucks we have, the more teams we can send out each day to install new clean water systems, check in at current sites, hold trainings, and reach out to new communities in need of clean water.

Work uniforms: Because of the heat and the rigors of the work in Haiti, our work uniforms have a short shelf-life. Our team needs these uniforms so the communities, NGOs, and the Haitian government know who we are without having to ask.

School Supplies: We have started a book project in schools in Cité Soleil, the poorest neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. The children at these schools have no books and almost no school materials. Donations of Creole-language school books and any other school supplies are most welcomed so we can help maximize the children’s educational experience.

5-gallon Jerry Cans or Buckets: A majority of Haitians do not have running water in their homes. They must collect their water from the community water stations in their neighborhood. To collect water they need buckets. Jerry Cans are ideal because they are enclosed, minimizing splashing when people carry water back to their homes. They also have a spigot, which eliminates the need for a utensil to scoop the water; often times, the utensils they are using are not clean and can re-contaminate the water.

Handheld GPS devices: We require GPS coordinates to map out the exact locations of our clean water sites. This allows us to easily see which areas we have a strong presence in and which areas we need to scale up our efforts in.

Please consider the following. You, the donor, will be responsible for:

  • All shipping costs and customs fees for the donation;
  • A description of the donation; and
  • A signed in-kind donation agreement that we will email, fax, or mail you.

See a list of our past in-kind donors.

If you’d like to learn more about ways you can help in Haiti, please visit Our Work. You can also contact us or visit our office at PO Box 15188, Washington, DC 20003.

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