International Action is made up of an outstanding group of trained professionals who believe in the importance and power of bringing clean water to Haiti. Working under the guidance of our outstanding Board of Directors, our staff has positively impacted the lives of over 600,000 Haitians.

Staff in Haiti

Dalebrun Esther, Haiti Director

Dalebrun has a certificate in communications, academic technology, and water chemistry at CamTech’s School of Chemistry. As a Haitian chemical engineer, he became our Haiti Director in Port-au-Prince in 2007. Dalebrun has worked for CAMEP (Haitian Water Agency) and as zone President in Cité Soleil, the most impoverish community in Port-au-Prince. He remains General Coordinator of the Committee of Poor Neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince and worked for CAMEP before it merged with DINEPA (National Directorate for Water Supply and Sanitation). He has excellent working relations with most national and municipal officials. Dalebrun is an expert chemical engineer and community leader. He has allowed International Action to connect with DINEPA and many community leaders throughout the country.

Jean-René Lamour, Technician

Jean-René trained as both an electrician and plumber before joining the International Action team in Haiti. He performs field work essential to our programs, such as visiting different sites to make installations and inspecting the quality of the water.

Evans Lamour, Technician

Evans majored in accounting and received a BA in CANINFO: Computer Learning Center. He has worked for the Haitian Institute of Statistical Data as an Economic Informantion. He is the accountant in Haiti for International Action and also manages the payroll in Haiti.

Pierre-Jacques Esther, Technician

Pierre-Jacques has a certificate in automotive mechanics from Spring-Hill Collège and holds a professional license to drive automobiles and motorcycles. He is responsible for driving the International Action water truck to the 93 schools in Cité Soleil where we installed a chlorinator and 150-gallon water tank.

Daniel Esther, Technician

Daniel educates our water board members and community leaders about clean water after our installations and provides training on how to conduct chlorine tests. He joined International Action in 2008.