About Us

Charity organization helping Haiti

Our Vision

International Action is helping create a healthy Haiti. We’re working toward a future in which every Haitian child is healthy, attends school, and grows up to lead a fulfilling life. This vision begins with clean water.

Our Mission

International Action’s mission is to empower the people of Haiti by bringing clean water to communities and community organizations in need. We believe that simple, sustainable clean water solutions are key to creating a more educated, healthy, and productive Haiti. We’re accomplishing this mission by providing water tanks, installing and maintaining chlorinators, delivering water, educating and training local communities, and distributing de-worming pills.

Our History

Our work in Haiti began in 2006 when two Americans stumbled into the heart of the largest slum in Port-au-Prince with nothing but chlorinators and ambition. They realized that the people of Haiti demanded cooperation and understanding, not good intentions and abandoned handouts. Lindsay Mattison and Youngmin Chang immediately began forging community relationships that they’ve strengthened and expanded since. They also created a base of operations in Haiti, led by Dalebrun Esther, that executes the organization’s many programs and addresses urgent community needs. Read more

Our People

At International Action, our staff includes Haitians and Americans, professionals and student interns, plumbers and academics. Learn more about our amazing team.

Our Board of Directors provides invaluable support and guidance based on their varied experience and backgrounds. Read about this incredible group.

Our Partners

International Action collaborates with many people who are helping Haiti become healthier and more educated. They include large charitable organizations like the International Committee of the Red Cross, small foundations like Wyclef Jean and Jerry Duplessis’s Yéle Haiti, corporations like Norweco, and religious groups like Christian Aid Ministries. Find out more about our many partners.