Reports from Haiti

  • February 19, 2016
    Rebecca will have clean water

    With your support, we will be able to provide village after village in the Artibonite Region (central Haiti) -- of up to 10,000 people in each -- with the means to gain lifetime access to clean, safe water.

  • January 2, 2016
    Angie now has clean water minutes from her home, saving her two hours each day

    Our work in the Artibonite Region of Haiti means that 3,700 people, like Angie shown here, have their own, community-maintained supply of clean, safe water.

  • November 13, 2015
    Newly Installed Chlorination System in the Artibonite Region
    Newly Installed Chlorination System in the Artibonite Region

    Newly Installed Chlorination System in the Artibonite Region

    In the Artibonite Region of Haiti, for the first time, we are in the midst of finishing a chlorinator project that we will be able to leave completely in the hands of the Haitian people. 

    The Clean Water for the Artibonite Region of Haiti Project —Background

    In partnership with Sunrise Rotary (the local Rotary in Haiti) and St. Anne’s church from Hagerstown, Maryland, International Action has installed four chlorinators, water pumps (run on generators), piping systems, and water reservoirs in four communities nearby Dessalines, the center of the Artibonite region of Haiti. For each installation, a water committee of three members has been elected by the communities to operate, maintain and collect the local funds needed to sustain these systems. The most important part about this project is that it allows for a self-sustainable water treatment system after International Action has completed the design and installation. 


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Since International Action installed chlorinators, the rate of diarrhea and sickness of children dropped dramatically. Kids are not getting sick any more. We learned we can prevent such diseases. We'd like to keep it this way.

— Pierre Joab, President of Simmond-Pelé

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