Reports from Haiti

  • April 18, 2014
    Jeffery Sejour, Associate Director, being interviewed on CNN
    Jeffery Sejour, Associate Director, being interviewed on CNN

    Jeffery Sejour, Associate Director, being interviewed on CNN

    Last month, International Action Director, Jeffery Sejour, had a very successful trip to visit our operations in Haiti.  Not only was he able to oversee a brand new clean water project but was also able to contribute to a very special CNN report on the continuous clean water and cholera crisis in Haiti.

  • April 8, 2014

    Every year Haiti’s rainy season brings a new wave of challenges to Haiti. Here, rain means days spent inside, rain boots, and avoiding getting splashed by cars while walking down the street; in Haiti, the rainy season is far more than a nuisance, it is devastating. The rainy season brings a fresh wave of cholera and other diseases as well as the constant threat of flooding.          

  • March 20, 2014

    World Water Day (Saturday, March 22nd) is almost here!  This week, International Action will be remembering the hundreds of millions worldwide who struggle each day to survive without one of the most basic of life necessities - clean water.  Using the momentum of this important day, we ask that you  please support World Water Day and International Action’s vision of universal access to clean, life-saving water. 


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Since International Action installed chlorinators, the rate of diarrhea and sickness of children dropped dramatically. Kids are not getting sick any more. We learned we can prevent such diseases. We'd like to keep it this way.

— Pierre Joab, President of Simmond-Pelé

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